Courtney Family | Austin Texas Family Photographer

As a parent, I know all too well the days of childhood are fleeting.  The days, when we are in the thick of it may feel endless.  Having a family session, in any season (of life and/or the actual calendar year) can feel overwhelming – it’s one more thing to add to the laundry list.  There is dance, soccer, Girl Scouts, literally: the laundry, travel and work schedules to coordinate.

But – can I tell y’all something?

It’s so the RIGHT time.

Your kiddos will never be ‘here’ again; in this stage of their personality.  They have their moments (hey, we all do) so why not be intentional about taking time to celebrate where you are?  Get them at their best selves at this moment in their lives.

This session with The Courtney Family was that – a wonderful way to celebrate their season of life – full of personality, laughter, sweet & tender moments, and good old fashion fun.   Genuine, and connective relationships, are my favorite.  These girls love their parents and the one-on-one connections are a gift they will carry forever.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from their sunset session:

Austin Texas Family Photographer_08Austin Texas Family Photographer_05Austin Texas Family Photographer_09Austin Texas Family Photographer_02Austin Texas Family Photographer_03Austin Texas Family Photographer_04Austin Texas Family Photographer_07Austin Texas Family Photographer_06Austin Texas Family Photographer_10Austin Texas Family Photographer_11

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