Ekrot Family | Austin Family Photographer

As I sat down to blog about this session, it hit me that I have known these three amazing people for a bit over ten years.

A decade.

Pam and I met in late summer of 2007 at our local Moms Club meeting.  She was the President, I was expecting our second son, and my almost two year old needed to get out of the house (or was that me…).  Pam is as warm, loving, kind, generous, and welcoming as she appears in pictures.  She has a heart that loves so BIG and can give you the best advise on anything.  We have spent years laughing and doing life.  I can do the hard things because she is in my corner – cheering, encouraging, and sometimes reminding me to keep perspective.  We have spent a decade parenting, traveling, sharing the good and bad, sitting on couches and just talking.

I highly recommend that if you don’t have a “Pam” in your life that you get one.

Mike and Pam are like teenagers madly in love.  Look at them, they LOVE each other.  They have a great balance.  No, they aren’t perfect – but I think that’s the reason why they are so perfect together… they are perfectly imperfect and know it.  They honor it and they celebrate it.  They have raised Alli to be a AMAZING young woman.  She is grounded and free, full of spirit and life, she has the joy and zest for life that her parents both have. It is an honor to call them friends – they are truly that in every aspect of the word – but also they are like family.

They love you no matter what.

So please enjoy a few of my favorites of some of my most favorite people in the word from their sunset session at Mount Bonnell.

Please feel free to leave them a comment of love and laughter.

Austin Texas Family Photographer_0506Austin Texas Family Photographer_0508Austin Texas Family Photographer_0502Austin Texas Family Photographer_0509Austin Texas Family Photographer_0511Austin Texas Family Photographer_0505Austin Texas Family Photographer_0500Austin Texas Family Photographer_0507Austin Texas Family Photographer_0504Austin Texas Family Photographer_0510

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