The Swearingen Family | Austin Texas Family Photographer

Yikes!  It’s been a bit since I blogged!  This time of year is crazy for me – how about you?  Between the end of year festivities (kids, family and friends), planning, shopping (or planning to shop), goal making, you then add in the catching up on work and sleep (in that order, by the way) you’ve got yourself a full blown ‘holiday hustle.’  Oh, and then leaving the country of about 11 days may have added to this absence (more to come on that later on!)

But despite the chaos and logistics that this season of year brings to the season of life – I love it!  The joy and laughter that is associated with all of this is so worth it!

And speaking of joy and laughter – may I PLEASE brag on this family.  The Swearingen’s have been with me since the start – as is BEFORE I had a website, a Facebook Page, or an Instagram account.  Heck, they were with me before I had a business name.  The four of these people have always brought joy and love to our sessions.  There is no faking it with their emotions – they love big and true.  There is a reason I don’t refer my ‘clients’ as such.  They are family.  I am invited in year after year to document and capture who they are.  Where they are.  And to celebrate all of it.

So without anymore delay, please enjoy a few of my favorites from their session.

Austin Texas Family Photographer_2017_0109Austin Texas Family Photographer_2017_0105Austin Texas Family Photographer_2017_0115Austin Texas Family Photographer_2017_0106Austin Texas Family Photographer_2017_0102Austin Texas Family Photographer_2017_0108Austin Texas Family Photographer_2017_0113Austin Texas Family Photographer_2017_0103Austin Texas Family Photographer_2017_0112Austin Texas Family Photographer_2017_0110Austin Texas Family Photographer_2017_0101Austin Texas Family Photographer_2017_0104Austin Texas Family Photographer_2017_0111Austin Texas Family Photographer_2017_0114

Booking now for February and March 2018; limited sessions available so let’s chat soon!


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