Parma Family {Sweet Moments} |Austin Family Photographer

When Allyson and I started chatting about their family session, we were both on the same page about the ‘what’ to capture.  The Parma’s are big on breakfast making, as it’s an all-hands-on-deck family affair.  Allyson’s vision was to capture the true story of their typical day – love and laugher, pajamas and bedhead, and what mornings are like with two little girls.  Since we were focusing on the simple moments that make up every day, we knew that baking was a must as it’s a tradition Allyson is passing on to her girls.

This session had all the ingredients (see what I did there ?!) for perfection.  Check out a few of my favorites from my morning with the Parma Family, and there’s a little treat for you at the end.  This is the season of baking and memory making.  Allyson has kindly shared a super easy recipe for yummy cookies – a great way to get the little one(s) involved and helping.  I love that with three ingredients (and then add-ins of your choice) you can make cookies and memories all at once.  I have a batch in the oven as I type – my kitchen smells Ah-mazing!

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 Easy Peasy Cake Cookies

1 bag of cake mix (yup, just the bag!)

2 eggs

1/3 cup of oil

Preheat oven to to 325

Mix the three ingredients and any add-ins you’d like (mini-chocolate chips, crushed-up candy bars, basically ANYTHING yummy!)

Plop (you are doing this with kiddos!) dough balls (a rounded 1/2 TBS spoon is perfect for size) onto a cookie sheet and bake about 12 minutes or so.

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