My Monday {4:52}

Another week in the books! We went from ice, below freezing and no school to 60's and sunshine in a matter of days!  My Texans sure do better with sunshine and blue a blue sky. This week has brought some new challenges and some great moments (okay, lessons) in family dynamics. It has also brought … Continue reading My Monday {4:52}

My Monday {3:52}

I am getting this one in... maybe a bit later but it's here! The last 7 days have been an adventure...  Not a super fabulous one that takes me to far off tropical lands.  Or even to an all day spa.  This adventure is one in home remodeling!  Please don't get me wrong, I am … Continue reading My Monday {3:52}

My Monday {2:52}

This past week has been a week of celebration.  We celebrated the BIG 1-0 for our second son.  It never escapes me, as we celebrate each boy's birthday, how very fast indeed time does fly.  Truly, I remember the day he was born like it was just yesterday, not the decade it's really been.   … Continue reading My Monday {2:52}