My Monday {1:52}

Monday, you sure do get a bad rap.  Let’s be honest, you’re not really the most ideal day of the week.  The first day back from a weekend.  The first day that many of us have to be ‘on’ and ‘ready’ and ‘caffeinated.’  And you are waaaay too close to Friday for my liking (and Friday is waaaay too far from you.

But this year, you are the start of 2018.  The mark of the beginning of 52 weeks full of opportunity and chance.  The promise of growth and expansion, alongside the promise of uncomfortable times and situations.  The ability to get up, start the day fresh and ready; looking at the week ahead in a new light.

While I am not really making resolutions, because let’s be honest, that is NOT who I am; I can make some changes.  Some alterations to who I am currently, as wife, mother and business owner.  It’s the greatest gift that you, dear Monday, bring to me in 2018.  To start fresh (and caffeinated… because you ARE still Monday) and realize that I am in control of how a Monday makes me feel.

What the year hold for me is still unclear, and while I anticipate it being a mystery for a bit longer, I know I am ready.  Business is going to change, as any successful business may.  Life is going to be busy and wonderful and hard and challenging and perfectly imperfect.  And I like it.

Perfectly imperfect.  I live here and I want to share it, celebrate it and document it.

My personal work is so much more than personal.  It is what gives me life; and celebrates those I gave life too.  So My Monday has been born.  A moment for me to recap where we are, where I am, who we are, and who we aren’t.  And celebrate all of it.

Each Monday will be different, or not.  Clearly this week has given me two willing participants… 50% participation is pretty good.  And truly where we are in life.

Our season.  Our story.  Our perfectly imperfect.

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