My Monday {2:52}

This past week has been a week of celebration.  We celebrated the BIG 1-0 for our second son.  It never escapes me, as we celebrate each boy’s birthday, how very fast indeed time does fly.  Truly, I remember the day he was born like it was just yesterday, not the decade it’s really been.   Those blue eyes have always been full of light and sparkle.  Our Spicy Cheetah is ten.

The other celebration was a Sweet 16 for our marriage.  Let’s be real, because life is, it’s been a journey.  We were both 22 when we said ‘I do’ – that could have lead us to grow apart.  But, it didn’t.  We grew together and have learned so much.  so. much.

Not each day is/was/will be perfect – filled with sunshine and lollipops.  It, like most things that have a the greatest reward, take work.  Dedication.  Desire.  Determination.  From this, I have changed as a person but also maintained who I am; as has he.  We have created 4 amazing humans that delight us and push us in so many directions.  The unwavering support that we provide to the other is what fuels our long lasting marriage.    This man makes me laugh.  Like deep in the belly, good for the soul, laughter.  We can be silly and immature and totally sarcastic with the other.  We are good together and we are good alone.

We spent most of last week in Arizona.  Relaxing.  Enjoying being us, just two people who said ‘I do’ 16 years ago.  Two people who remember what those first years were like, what the years with babes in diapers were like, what the years with preteens is going to be like, and what the years will be like when we are empty nesters.

We love each year.  It shaped us.  It pushed and pulled us.  It grew us closer.

So while I did shoot on the trip, I decided the most effective method to celebrate was to relax.  Soak in the total beauty of Tucson and be present in the moments.  Connect with this amazing person that I get to call my husband.  Connect with us a two people, who have goals and dreams and plans.   So cheers to another week, another Monday, another 16 years and longer.  Cheers to 2018 being a year about being present and soaking in all the moments.

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