Is an in home newborn session best for our family? | Austin In Home Newborn Photographer

As we enter parenthood, we are flooded with so. much. information. From articles and journal entries to Top 10 Must Have lists. We are given advice (solicited, or not) from everyone and anyone that is a parent. Aisles of shelves loaded with all sorts of things await us in every store… you see where I’m going. In the middle of this, we realize we need to book a newborn photographer and so we begin the seemingly easy task of finding one. there. are. thousands. of. photographers.

First, you need to answer the question: Do I want an in home session or a studio session for my baby?

Truthfully, the right answer is all on you. I can simply offer why I feel an in home session is truly the best; for your baby and your family. It’s my passion to show families your baby is perfect as they are. No frills, no props, and no poses that require photoshop. Don’t get me wrong, studio photography can be done beautifully when done safely and with a highly experienced photographer. As you begin your research, take note of why I believe in home newborn photography is best.

In Home Newborn Photography is SAFE & COMFORTABLE

The smells and sounds of your home are already so familiar to your baby. They feel safe. Your baby is content and settled. Babies are precious, as is their brand new immune system. Limiting exposure as much as you can those first few weeks is always advised. Your baby leads the way and what they desire is honored. Their needs are real and need to be met; their desire to be snuggled, swaddled, fed, or stretched out are of utmost importance.

In Home Newborn Photography is FAMILY FOCUSED

Home is where your storytelling begins and where beautiful chaos thrives. Your home is the culmination of the who, the what, and of course: the where. In Home sessions allow for all family members to feel their importance to your story – especially siblings! Siblings take pride in their new role, sharing their space with me, and have the comforts of home (literally). Being in your home also has the stress free bonus of everything you need being right there. The last thing you need to worry about is packing up all the people and all the things. Eliminate this layer of stress; your time is too precious.

In Home Newborn Photography is AUTHENTIC

Your baby belongs in your arms; that is where they are innately drawn at birth. Authentic images come from honoring this as well as capturing your real emotions and connections. What may be passed over in a studio is what we want to embrace in your home. Truly seeing yourself overcome with love as you hold your baby. Looking back at how precious baby yawns really are. Remembering how protective siblings were with “their” baby. Having a tangible record of your new season documented in the space your cultivated as home is priceless.

6 thoughts on “Is an in home newborn session best for our family? | Austin In Home Newborn Photographer

  1. Amanda says:

    Love this. It is so nice to not have to worry about packing up and leaving the house during the often chaotic newborn phase. And having memories of this short time in your own space is priceless!


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