Your Family Session: The Basics | Austin Texas Family Photographer

My families choose me, time and again, to capture their season of life in a way that is artistic, authentic, and connective. They understand we are documenting their now; the space they occupy with the people they love. Their session is not so much about the where and the what; it’s about the who and the why. While location is always a factor and can absolutely lends itself to the story (in home sessions), it’s not always part of the who and why.

The BASIC of basics:

Make sure everyone is well rested, hydrated, and fed. Easy.

Hungry and/or thirsty people are not going to be eager to participate or cooperate. While I wouldn’t encourage a four course picnic lunch be brought, a few easy snacks are great for littles ones to have in dire situations (or as bribes). Think simple and mess free. Texas can be hot and miserable at times so a water bottle in your bag is always a great idea!

Wear clothing. Yup, that’s it.

The “what are we going to wear?!” question leads to unnecessary anxiety and it really shouldn’t! Wear what is comfortable and makes your family feel like themselves. Embrace who you are and what makes you feel happy; wear what you love! Do make sure you can move in it and when it’s on, you don’t think about it. Details about color, pattern, and texture are all covered in pre-session conversations.

It’s about the WHO and the WHY.

Time is one of your most precious resources and I am well aware what you give me is beyond valuable. I honor that by providing your family an experience that celebrates your season. We take the time to document those connections and stages of life you are in. In the end, you have a collection of emotive images to bring you back to this time and place.

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