Class Of 2022 Butler Park Session | Austin Texas Senior Photographer

Senior Sessions are absolutely approached as any of my sessions are: a focus on authentic connections, a relaxed atmosphere, and centered on celebrating the who & the why! My seniors come to me prepared and ready to have fun. We enjoy our time collaborating and they are excited to showcase who they are.

“I had so much fun working with Emily! She was patient with me, and all of the directions she gave me made sense and were easy to follow.”

See! Sessions are really about fun and feeling at ease!

I’ve been lucky enough to know this gorgeous girl since her late elementary schools days so being selected as her photographer was truly an honor. If you want to see talent, look no further. She has it all: a crazy talented artist, actress, swimmer, and has a passion for marine science. Our session was using our city as a backdrop and celebrating her collegiate journey to Samford!

“Emily was so engaging with my daughter during her senior portrait shoot, and made her completely comfortable during the entire process. I love how she took the time before our shoot date to talk to me about what kind of setting would match Amanda’s personality the best, and then recommended a beautiful location.”

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