Austin Family Session : Golden Hour Goodness | Austin Texas Family Photographer

Golden Hour is beyond magical with all its buttery sun goodness! It’s no wonder this is the favorite time for photographers to schedule outdoor sessions; especially for back light loving photographers like yours truly.

Our summer temperatures mean it’s still 90 degrees as the sun starts to set – that seems miserable; oddly enough it’s not. My golden hour locations allow for gorgeous sunsets in spots that always have a breeze and shade that can be utilized by all.

With the summer sun setting so late, and occasionally well passed your littlest one’s bedtime, you may question if the timing is right. While it may take some planning and preparation on your part, it’s incredibly worth it… I promise.

A few tips for summer sunset sessions:

Don’t plan anything else for your day. Bouncing around from birthday parties to errands to even a park playdate can exhaust your little one more than anticipated. Trust me, after a fun evening of laughing, playing, and running, your session will wear you all out!

If you have little ones that nap, definitely do not let session day be the day to skip it! For those that no longer nap, I suggest a bit of quiet time (with snuggles, of course) later in the afternoon. This is great advise for all family members to take.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! All day and all family members! The heat lingers in Austin well into “fall” so hydrated humans are happy humans. Same for eating! Dinner may shift a bit earlier on session day; planning a fun dessert stop on the way home seems to be a tradition for many of my families.

Be ready to have a wonderful evening with your family! I know how incredibly precious your time is and I honor that by making your session flow and move seamlessly.

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