Your Senior Session: The Basics

Let’s start by stating the obvious – this is a HUGE milestone for you (and yes, your mom) and truthfully, you should want to celebrate it. While I’ll spare you with the “such an exciting time” and “are you so excited?!” sentiments that you are already getting; I will still remind you this IS about you; soak it in.

My approach to your senior session is truly in line with how I approach all my sessions – a focus on the “who” and the “why” – and you can read more about that HERE. The short of the long is your Senior Session is a way to capture who you are at this time and to have a record of where you started.

While pre-session communication is of the utmost importance, sharing some of The Basics will hit the big questions that are the most common.

WHEN should we schedule my session?

This really is up to you (I know, not a real answer). To further explain, the session is really based on a few things: what season you want to capture, your schedule of events and activities, and if you want to document your next steps. One other factor is if your session location requires an advanced booking. The majority of my Senior Sessions happen in the spring as the weather is not blazing hot, you’ve survived the chaos of fall, and you *may* know where your headed in the fall.

WHERE do we go for my session?

Another vague answer – where do you want to go? Are you more nature inspired and love the outdoors? Are you up for an urban adventure? Do you want Austin to be part of the scenery? Is there a place that you feel is more authentic to you? While these are questions I do ask, we do chat about your vision and what feels more like who you are at this time.

WHAT do I wear and CAN I change outfits?

Clothing, and yes! Three outfits across two changes are what we have time for and will provide a cohesive gallery with great variety. While you can have three, you do not need to. If you have a collegiate shirt, Class Of 20__, and/or a letterman, I highly encourage you to bring them for a few pictures. We will go over clothing in detail during session planning, as well as touch on hair and/or make up.

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