In home newborn sessions with a toddler

It’s no secret I love an in home newborn session with a toddler!

Let’s be honest, it’s the most raw and authentic storytelling your family will experience, and share with me. If you were ever a toddler, have been around a toddler, or currently have a toddler then you KNOW where I am going. Toddlers are awesome and a bundle of energy that can explode, or implode, at anytime. They have no cares and no reservations. That said, they are also so tender, sweet, and want to show you all their special lovies, including “their” new baby.

Let’s dive into why I absolutely love an in home newborn session with a toddler!


Connections and relationships are born the moment your baby is. The dynamics of your “who” will absolutely change and evolve over time. I love being able to share that first chapter with you; providing images that will be a visual documentation when those fleeting moments have faded. One of my most treasured images is of my three oldest with our youngest, only a few days old. Almost a decade later, I can deeply feel that image anytime I glance at it.

In addition, toddlers don’t hold back or think about how to act, they just “do.” What is more authentic than a toddler?! That leads me to:

How to prepare your toddler for your in home newborn session.

Honesty, you can’t. I can helpfully provide lots of wisdom of my own experiences with living through surviving the toddler phase 4 times. Below will be my tips for preparing them… even these aren’t a guarantee. Your toddler is going to toddler. While WE all know this is an in home newborn session with a toddler, to your toddler, it’s their session and we are just accessories. Trust me, “their” session will be amazing!

As parents – relax! I know this is hard, especially with a new baby and probably a lack of sleep. You are the true tone-setter for your kids. Try to remember to breath and TRUST me to keep the pace. There is loads of relevant information in a recent post about family session parent prep that may be worth a look too!

Feed ALL the people and make sure they are hydrated! Sounds simple enough but it’s not unusual for a busy morning to get the best of you and we simply forget to eat. Smoothies and breakfast-item grazing plates are two of my go-to suggestions to curb any case of hangry that may sneak up on you.

Give you toddler a Big Sibling job or duty at your in home session. Kids LOVE to help, have a job, and simply feel needed and just as important as their new sibling. Allow them to be in charge of something you may need/want at the session – blanket for baby, water for mom, or anything you feel may be a good “responsibility” for them.

Set some really simple expectations and knowledge of what is going to happen with your toddler, before your in home session. Lay out what will happen: Emily is going to come and meet our new baby, we are all going to take pictures as a family. You will get your picture taken with the baby too! When you are all done, you can ___________.

Here is where you fill in the blank with something that serves you family and the time after: go the park with Grandpa, get to have lunch out with Daddy, have those M&M’s we bought at the store… basically anything that allows them to know when the task of pictures is over, they have something to do. Years of parenting has proven a set expectation and “reward” are fantastic for our young kiddos!

Now that you are prepared for your in home newborn session with a toddler – let’s get y’all booked!

If this is your first baby or you have a toddler but have never done an in home session, you can find a great little post on why an in home newborn session is best for your family.

Did you know all expecting moms have the option to add a Fresh48 or Maternity session when booking your in home new born session?

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