My Monday {3:52}

I am getting this one in… maybe a bit later but it’s here!

The last 7 days have been an adventure…  Not a super fabulous one that takes me to far off tropical lands.  Or even to an all day spa.  This adventure is one in home remodeling!  Please don’t get me wrong, I am EXCITED to bid farewell to horrid builder tile and the most terrible bamboo floors in all the lands (yes, ALL the lands.  I checked).  This adventure is showing us that you need to be flexible and open.  It’s also a great lesson in patience and understanding.  Oh, and a great lesson in picking a backsplash from literally thousands… and praying they have the one you both agree to in stock (they do!).

We have invaded (yes, that is the best and most accurate word) my parents home.  We have brought a hodgepodge of clothing, books, toys, backpacks, snacks, and general random things.  Austin is facing some sort of snowpocalypse tomorrow so all of us will be iced in.  This alone should grant my parents automatic sainthood.  And a lovely gift basket when we leave.

So in the middle of chaos and staying at the ‘house hotel’ as the Little One is calling it, we are trucking along.  School and Science Fair.  Sharing all the meals.  Trying to not totally overstay our welcome.  This week isn’t all sunshine and lollipops.  It’s about balance and flexibility and lack of personal space.

It’s about looking at things in a new light, and for me an old light; you will see this light in my first two images.

Austin Texas Family Photographer_9180Austin Texas Family Photographer_9195Austin Texas Family Photographer_9135Austin Texas Family Photographer_9109



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