How do I prepare my wardrobe for my Senior Session? Senior Guy Edition

How do I prepare my wardrobe for my senior session?

As an Austin senior portrait photographer, questions about wardrobe are always at the forefront of our conversations. I get it! As a clothes wearing person, I too understand the anxiety and stress that simply picking out clothing can cause.

Below is my guide of how to prepare your wardrobe for your senior session. Remember, this is simply my suggestions, both a photographer and as a mom to 4 boys, of what works best. Use this to help you decide what YOU want to wear.

Start simple!

If it’s prone to wrinkle, wear to first but don’t arrive wearing it (hello, seatbelts!) Do bring it on a hanger so you easily pop it on once you arrive. It’s also great to have your clothing on hangers/in a hanger bag, ready to go for changes. Wardrobe assistant is the perfect job for mom to have at the session.

Easy transition pieces – same pants and/or belt with a swap of your shirt and/or shoes. This is also a great way to layer in those “extra” looks with letterman jackets, Class of 20__ shirts, or collegiate wear.

Be 100% authentic to who YOU are! Everything you wear should be things you love, will wear again (or have worn), are comfortable, and reflect who you are.

Trendy is okay! Really.

This is the season you are in so what’s fashionable is actually part of who you are, embrace it. Plus, at the rate we recycle fashionable trends, what you are wearing now will be “vintage” and come back around in a few generations (I’m looking at you 90’s bodysuits and Doc Martin’s).

Do keep in mind colors when looking at what’s on trend. Bright and bold colors can be great, but can cast color. Add ways to incorporate super bold color into accessories versus the main piece. The same goes with bold patterns. Make sure, no matter what you wear, YOU are the focus.

Stick with the classics (aka: Mom’s choice)

I realize this is the opposite of what I said right above; and there’s a reason for it. Moms are planners and think long term as far as what images, of you, will be displayed. She may love when you wear a certain color or want to preserve a more timeless image of you on a wall.

Balance the two!

Timeless, classic, more traditional looks can also serve you as you start looking at jobs and internships. Having a timeless look on hand will be perfect for these opportunities. Think of something you’d wear to a special occasion, wedding, or job interview when planning your senior session wardrobe.

Balancing trendy looks with more classic looks will give you a well-rounded gallery that is truly amazing and authentic to you!

What are the top 5 Must Haves for my senior session wardrobe?

  • Layers! They add depth and dimension to your images. Plus they allow for easy transitions to a new look without having to truly change everything you have on. Jackets (letterman or sport coats), cardigans, vests, are great choices.
  • Pockets! Pants, jackets, even a hoodie will allow for easy posing, lines, and hand placement.
  • Bonus tip: leave phones, wallets, and keys with mom!
  • Texture and prints! Same as layers, these add depth to your images. You can use texture, prints, and layers all together for one look then transition into something else while keeping core pieces.
  • What defines you right now! Sporty? Incorporate your team, sport, or activity. Musician? Bring your instrument and let it be part of the session.
  • Comfort! Everything you wear, and bring, should be comfortable. Do not hit the store on your way to your session; plan ahead.
  • Bonus Tip: try on EVERYTHING you plan to wear (even shoes!) and do these things: sit on a chair or couch, stand, walk up/down stairs, sit on the ground. If anything is tight, uncomfortable, or you find you are adjusting it – nix it and find something that doesn’t need your attention.

Now that you have clothing confidence, you may have questions about other aspects of your senior session! Be sure to check out The Basics blog post to get a great snapshot of your session and my Senior Portfolio . Both will provide some great wardrobe inspiration! If you’re looking for a little more about working with me, hear first hand how relaxed and easy your Senior Session will be!

And finally, let’s get your session on the books!

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